Fast & Fearless Cooking for the GENIUS


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Home cooking is making a comeback, whether for health, entertainment, economy, or the simple joy of learning. Ann Tudor’s cooking philosophy focuses on impromptu, innovative, and improvisational meals. Instead of set recipes, the book emphasizes riffing and playing with food.

Fast & Fearless Cooking for the GENIUS offers kitchen secrets, stories, and free-wheeling kitchen moves. For anyone who forgot to learn how to cook, this is a chance to learn at the knee of a knowledgeable, opinionated, and funny nana.

Even the most reluctant of cooks will be enticed into the kitchen after reading this. The book is a boon to those who have not yet learned their way around a kitchen but who need to get food on the table with no delay. Long-time cooks as well will find new tricks and tips to encourage efficiency and improvisation.

Built on umpteen years of experience in the kitchen and the constant practice of preparing three meals a day, this book lovingly presifts all of that knowledge and lays it out for the reader in a catchy style. This is more than cooking wisdom; it is also a tight little stash of timeless kitchen secrets. Constantly inventive, Ann Tudor shares her revelations and shortcuts and revolutionary ideas, pulling readers into the warmth of her kitchen and her life.

Here are meals and dishes that you can prepare when you get home (exhausted) from work. Dishes that are delicious and nourishing, yet much less expensive than a diet of take-out and restaurant meals. When you are rushed and hungry, you don’t have the energy to leaf through the pretty pages of a traditional cookbook looking for a quick and easy recipe whose ingredients you happen to have in your pantry. Fast & Fearless Cooking for the GENIUS teaches you to fly by the seat of your pants, to cook without a net—to riff, in short.

Rich with ideas and tastes, the book captures Ann’s life of cooking for family and friends. Her point of view is like that of an authoritative yet gentle Home Ec teacher who wants you to cook well and without fear whether you are dealing with a scant teaspoon of baking powder, a pot of boiling water, or a whole, raw chicken. She wants to improve your skills and make you a capable, confident cook, to develop your innate ability to cook so that you can eat well and be well.

Fast & Fearless Cooking for the GENIUS outlines basic and easy principles and techniques for cooking. Using ingredients and methods that are sometimes idiosyncratic yet always approachable and time-tested, Ann presents her credo: Don’t be afraid, have a basic larder with some normal ingredients and some that are new to you, and approach the whole business in a spirit of play. Let new ingredients become everyday additions to your repertoire—without stressing. Her life in food is yours to enjoy.

Use Fast & Fearless Cooking for the GENIUS as a sort of spirit guide. Pick it up often and turn to any page for ideas or for one of the many great and well-rehearsed base recipes that will help you form your culinary repertoire.

Ann Tudor speaks from a position of having planned, shopped for, prepared, and cleaned up after more than 40,000 meals, in the course of which she has learned a thing or two about kitchens and cooking. In this book she shares everything she can remember. Reading this book is like eating potato chips: once you start, you don’t want to stop!

Grab an apron and start stirring!

Ann Tudor, Author

Ann Tudor, Author

As a home cook, Ann Tudor has planned, shopped for, prepared, and cleaned up after more than forty thousand meals, in the course of which she has learned a thing or two about kitchens and cooking. In this book she shares everything she can remember.

Her writing reveals Ann’s improvisational approach to cooking and to living. Her food-related publications include two of her three spoken-word CDs: Tales from My Table: Food for Thought and I Love Pie: An Opinionated Hands-on How-to for Making Pie Crust, Biscuit Dough, and More, plus two children’s books, Yuck and Yum. Her thoughts on the inevitability of growing older were collected in Hesitating at the Gate: Reflections on Aging. She was interviewed as part of the “Wisdom Seekers” series, which can be seen on YouTube.

With a BA from DePauw University and an MAT from Vanderbilt University, she began work as a teacher but was definitely not cut out to teach French to junior high students! Other full- or part-time vocations over the years have included: church organist, copy editor, managing editor, choir member, artist/craftsperson (altered and handmade books, fiber arts), and pianist. And throughout it all, she cooked.

Ann has taught bread making, knitting, and overtone singing and has read her work to enthusiastic audiences. Mother of three and grandmother of five, she lives in Toronto with her husband. Visit for more.

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