Caregiving for the GENIUS


Caregiving is a universal concern today. Sooner or later, you will be called to care for a loved one. An aging parent. An ill spouse, partner, friend, or child. And ultimately, you, too, will need additional care. Are you prepared to provide care? To receive care? These are important questions to consider before the caregiving crisis lands on your front porch. Caregiving for the GENIUS offers you the motivation, inspiration, and education necessary to be proactive instead of reactive when it comes to caregiving. Prepare to care—pure genius!Scroll down for more information

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Product Description

If you are to engage in the journey of caregiving in life-giving ways for all concerned, you must recognize caregiving as more than a logistical challenge. You need to understand caregiving from the inside out. What does it feel like to be a caregiver or care receiver? How do your emotions and relationships inform and influence the journey? What does it mean to give care and to receive care?

These are the types of questions that probe the heart and soul of caregiving. The answers to these questions are reflective of your ability or inability to prepare to care. Consequently, Caregiving for the GENIUS focuses on the emotional, spiritual, and relational aspects of caring.

You don't have to be a genius to read a GENIUS book, but you'll sure be smarter once you do! (tm)

You don’t have to be a genius to read a GENIUS book, but you’ll sure be smarter once you do! ™

Since this is a For the GENIUS book, it is down-to-earth and pragmatic. It is written in a caring, conversational style that you’ll instantly connect with. You’ll find the many stories and sidebars sprinkled throughout especially helpful and relevant. This and all For the GENIUS books are written as comprehensive guides to complex subjects for beginners as well as for those seeking a refresher. You don’t have to be a genius to read one, but you’ll sure be smarter once you do!

Summary of book contents:

Part 1: Caregiving in the Twenty-First Century

Chapter 1: Caregiving: Common Concern, Common Need, Common Ground

Chapter 2: How Do You Define Family?

Chapter 3: Change Is the Norm: Deal with It!

Chapter 4: Caregiving Is a Family Challenge

Chapter 5: The Family Legacy of Caregiving

Chapter 6: Long-Distance Caregiving

Chapter 7: Critter Care

Part 2: Assessment and Planning

Chapter 8: Assess the Process: Toss the SALAD

Chapter 9: Goals of Care: Products of a Healthy SALAD

Chapter 10: Develop, Document, and Execute a Plan of Care: Dress the SALAD

Chapter 11: Hospice and Palliative Care: Part of the Plan

Chapter 12: Plan for Life!

Part 3: The Stressful Journey of Caregiving

Chapter 13: Stressing Stress

Chapter 14: Compassion Fatigue

Chapter 15: Resilience: Choosing to Bounce Back

Part 4: The Philosophy of Collaborative Care

Chapter 16: May I Help You?

Chapter 17: Tipping Points

Chapter 18: Flying in Formation: Collaborative Care Takes Flight

Part 5: The End of the Road

Chapter 19: Life and Loss

Chapter 20: Grief Savvy

Chapter 21: The Reality of Mortality

Chapter 22: A Caregiving Benediction


Jane W. Barton, author of Caregiving for the GENIUS

Jane W. Barton, author of Caregiving for the GENIUS

Jane W. Barton is a passionate speaker, writer, and listener. Jane is the founder of Cardinal, LLC, a consulting firm that provides educational programs, books, and blogs to assist people in confronting the daunting challenges posed by aging, serious illness, and end-of-life care. Jane is well versed in the areas of aging, grief and bereavement, caregiving, hospice and palliative care, change and transition, and spirituality and health. She presents innovative, transformational programs to community members, health care providers, pastoral caregivers, clergy, funeral service providers, and national audiences to improve the experience of people and families challenged by serious, advanced, or terminal illnesses.

Jane is a frequent speaker at state, regional, and national conferences pertaining to hospice and palliative care, death and dying, and aging. She serves as a national trainer for the Society of Certified Senior Advisors. Additionally, she routinely offers programs throughout her home state of Colorado for professionals and community members.

Prior to the flight of Cardinal, LLC, Jane served as Director of Education for a palliative care educational institute. She also served as a hospice chaplain and bereavement facilitator in hospice and palliative care. Jane is a certified Spiritual Director as well as a Certified Senior Advisor. In a former life, she worked as a financial services representative and an exploration petroleum geologist and manager.

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