Obamacare Expert’s Easy-to-Read Book Helps Americans Tap the Benefits, Avoid the Pitfalls of the New Health Law


Contact: Stacie Harting Marsh

Obamacare Expert’s Easy-to-Read Book Helps Americans Tap the Benefits, Avoid the Pitfalls of the New Health Law

Indianapolis, IN (December 5, 2013) — With millions of Americans struggling to understand their options under Obamacare, a timely new book explains how to tap the benefits and avoid the pitfalls of the Affordable Care Act.

For the GENIUS Press today released Obamacare for the GENIUS, the first book written in a fun, easy-to-understand style that clearly explains the new health law.

“Obamacare has proven complex and frustrating for millions of Americans,” said health care expert Stacie Harting Marsh, author of the new book. “Our focus is on helping people understand what the law means for them, based on their specific situation, and how they can get the most for their health insurance dollars.”

Marsh, a policy analyst and expert writer in the health care industry, said her goal is to help people grasp the bigger picture of health care reform while providing strategies to maximize their health care options under the new law’s sweeping changes.

Specifically, Marsh identifies individual health care considerations for Americans based on income, age, gender, physical and mental health status, and area of residence. She also uncovers special considerations for small-business owners, freelancers and entrepreneurs.

Marsh credits her own experience as a consumer and small-business owner as the impetus for writing Obamacare for the GENIUS. “I needed a book like this to understand the basics and the complexities of this massive legislation,” Marsh said. “I hope this book will give consumers the knowledge and tools to get the best price and greatest value for health insurance.”

The new book is published by For the GENIUS Press, an imprint of CharityChannel LLC, which produces nonfiction titles on just about any subject that people want to learn. We informally call them “GENIUS books,” but of course the reader doesn’t have to be a genius to read one. They’re for everyday people who just want to learn something new. GENIUS books are written in a fun, upbeat, first-person style—often with some subtle humor tossed in. Visit to learn more about For the GENIUS Press and to watch a fun animated whiteboard video.

Obamacare for the GENIUS was released for publication today, December 5, 2013. The book will include an up-to-date and bipartisan recap of what has happened since the highly anticipated but poorly realized launch of the health insurance marketplaces on October 1, 2013.

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