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Travel Experts Share Secrets for Best Trips European Travel on Any Budget

Nashville, TN (December 8, 2015) — For the GENIUS Press, the publisher of the rapidly-growing For the GENIUS® book series, today announced that European Travel for the GENIUS, by Patricia Harris and David Lyon, is available for preorder at The book points the way for traveling in Europe with minimum hassle and maximum enjoyment. The authors cover all the bases—from how to get the best price on airfare and lodging, to where to find a great meal in a new city, and how to stay connected on your phone without breaking the bank.

European Travel for the GENIUS

European Travel for the GENIUS, a book packed with invaluable information that no single travel app or web site can deliver, is scheduled for release from For the Genius Press on January 6, 2016. Written by veteran travel and food journalists Patricia Harris and David Lyon, European Travel for the GENIUS shows readers how to translate their dreams of travel into trips with memories that last a lifetime.

The authors save readers valuable time by unsnarling the tricks and traps of online booking to get the best deals available on hotels and airfare. They share the inside secrets about Europe-only airlines—and European flight booking engines—that savvy Europeans have been using for years to save money over the flights offered on North American web sites. They also offer tips on how to read between the lines of online hotel and restaurant reviews. Additionally, the book is filled with useful curated lists, such as the most colorful festivals and the best street markets, and even offers strategies on the cultural nuances of bargaining.

European Travel for the GENIUS provides a head start on planning a dream vacation, whether it’s gourmet travel through France or a tour of the storied capitals of Middle Europe. The first few chapters give overviews of the 25 most-visited countries in Europe with don’t-miss highlights and guidance on assembling out-of-the-box itineraries. The advice doesn’t end at the departure gate. The authors show how to hit the ground running with all the information readers need to use the Internet and their phones for little or no cost, get the best deals on changing money, and avoid hidden charges when they pay with credit cards.

European Travel for the GENIUS makes it easy to crisscross the continent on some of the world’s best train systems and enjoy authentic meals at every stop. The authors show how savvy travelers can break bread without breaking the bank. Whether readers find themselves inspired by the peaks of the Swiss Alps or the fishing villages of Italy’s Cinqueterre, the giddy heights of the Eiffel Tower or the azure seas of the Greek Isles, European Travel for the GENIUS puts the trip of a lifetime within their reach.

Table of Contents

Part 1—Dreaming the Dream

Chapter 1
So You’re Going to Europe

Chapter 2
Great Places For

Chapter 3
Countries at a Glance: United Kingdom and Ireland

Chapter 4
Countries at a Glance: Scandinavia

Chapter 5
Countries at a Glance: Western Europe

Chapter 6
Countries at a Glance: Central/Eastern Europe

Chapter 7
Countries at a Glance: Southern/Mediterranean Europe

Part 2—Planning the Dream

Chapter 8
Finding Your Wings

Chapter 9
A Bed for the Night

Chapter 10
Working the System to Save

Chapter 11
At the Borders

Chapter 12
Other Resources

Chapter 13
Managing Your Money

Chapter 14
Making Connections and Keeping in Touch

Chapter 15
What to Bring

Chapter 16
Health and Wellness

Part 3—Traveling Around Europe

Chapter 17
Riding the Rails

Chapter 18
Putting it All Together: Sample Itineraries

Part 4—Living the Dream

Chapter 19
Tips for Getting a Meal

Chapter 20
Tips for Shopping & Bargaining

Chapter 21
Tips for Visiting an Art Museum

Chapter 22
Tips for Traveling with Kids

Chapter 23
Tips for Making the Most of Your Trip

Chapter 24
Making Memories



About Patricia Harris and David Lyon

Patricia Harris and David Lyon began visiting Europe before the euro became the most common currency and have a jar full of obsolete coins to prove it. They are the authors of more than a dozen destination-specific guidebooks for British and American publishers. They have also written about European travel for a variety of newspapers and magazines including the Boston Globe, the Washington Post, Robb Report, Westways publications, and Cooking Light. Some of their most memorable adventures include fishing for glass eels in northern Spain, bargaining in Istanbul’s Grand Bazaar, day-tripping on the Norwegian fjords, piloting a houseboat through the Venetian lagoon, and hunting for truffles in Italy’s Piedmont. All these experiences and more inform this book. They are also the proprietors of and can be found on Twitter and Instagram by the handle @hungrytravelers. For book updates and breaking news on travel in Europe, they maintain the web site 


European Travel for the GENIUS lists for $24.95 and will be available from booksellers nationwide and online from, Amazon, and Barnes & Noble January 5.

About For the GENIUS Press

For the GENIUS Press, launched in 2012, is an imprint of CharityChannel LLC. Thomas Edison famously said that “Genius is 1 percent inspiration and 99 percent perspiration.” Despite our tongue-in-cheek use of the word “genius” in our titles, we don’t publish books for Einsteins—though even an Einstein will enjoy them. We publish GENIUS books for normal people inspired to learn a new subject and who are willing to put in the perspiration to do so. Although fun to read, GENIUS books are thorough treatments of the subject written by carefully selected experts and are peer-reviewed in the manuscript stage. We are proud of our nonprofit sector roots, which gives us a view on things that is too often lacking in the publishing world.



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