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Tip: If you have questions not covered in the Author's Guidelines, and would like to discuss your proposal with us before submitting, click the second option, "I have questions before I will be ready to submit my proposal."

Let’s see if we can answer your questions. Please be sure to read the Author’s Guidelines before submitting this form. If your questions are not covered there, please complete this form to let us know what we can answer for you.

Setting Expectations

We welcome your proposal for a GENIUS book! Just so that we can set expectations, here is what you, the proposed author, and we, For the GENIUS Press, an imprint of CharityChannel LLC, 424 Church Street, Suite 2000, Nashville, TN 37219 USA, agree to, in plain language:

  • We value our authors, and that starts before our authors become our authors: in the proposal stage. We will do our best to respond within ten business days to your proposal. A response might be an email from an acquisition editor, or a phone call. It might also be an email notifying you that your proposal is not a fit (hope not). If for any reason you do not hear from us, drop us a note using the form on the Contact Us page. That will sound an alarm on an editor’s desk, causing the spillage of coffee and making a golden retriever howl like a timber wolf.

  • We receive lots and lots of really great proposals. So please put in a maximum effort in preparing your proposal, paying particular attention to the Author’s Guidelines for the GENIUS where we discuss proposing a book. When faced with two proposals on a topic that are otherwise equal, we’ll go with the author who can follow our guidelines.

  • If we indicate that we are interested in your proposal, we’ll talk. We’ll thoroughly discuss your book and we’ll answer your questions about the publishing agreement. If all looks good to us, we’ll make a formal written offer to publish your GENIUS book. Offers to publish will only be made by us in a written publishing agreement. (Just so you know.)

  • This form is to submit a proposal, not a partial or complete manuscript. If you submit a manuscript that we have not requested or okayed, we will delete it from our system without reading it. (There are legal reasons for this, so thanks for cooperating.)

  • We hope your proposal wows us. Sometimes, though, we decline a proposal. We might decline it for any number of reasons that have nothing to do with your chops as a writer—though if you turn in a proposal that doesn’t even come close to what we’ve asked for in the guidelines we’ll feed it to the aforesaid golden retriever and banish you from Publisherland. Sometimes we just think a proposed book doesn’t have a sufficiently large potential in the marketplace. Sometimes we decline an otherwise excellent proposal because we have another book that we’ve published or that’s in progress that sufficiently covers your proposed subject. Not surprisingly, if we accept someone else’s proposal on the same subject, there can be similarities between your proposal and the one we accepted—pretty much any book on music theory, for example, will have a chapter covering major scales. You agree that any similarities between your proposal, if not accepted, and a book or derivative work we publish, are coincidental and shall not form the basis of a claim or suit because you hereby waive, on behalf of yourself and your assigns, heirs, and executors, any right to bring such a claim or suit. You also agree to abide by our website’s Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. (Okay, our lawyer made us say all that. Sorry.)

If this sounds okay to you, please electronically sign, below, to signify your acceptance. To sign, drag your mouse while left-clicking in the signature box (kind of sloppy, but fun and adventuresome). Then proceed with the rest of the submission.