What are GENIUS books?

Though we admit to a bit of tongue-in-cheek fun in referring to our readers as geniuses, we do in fact think highly of them! We know that they are intelligent and knowledgeable about many subjects, just not necessarily on the subject of the GENIUS book they’ve just picked up. They know that, despite the title, our books are for pretty much everyone, not just “Einsteins”—though even some Einsteins will enjoy our books, too!

We celebrate the fact that our readers are inspired to learn a subject enough to pick up one of our books, which in turn inspires us to ensure, through plenty of perspiration at every step, excellence in producing them.

GENIUS books are written for beginners, and those who are rusty and want a refresher. Readers receive a solid foundation in the subject in a step-by-step progression from the fundamentals to more advanced aspects. They will enjoy the fun, upbeat, and first-person writing style. They will even find themselves entertained by the occasional sprinkled-in humor, and look forward to sidebars that enhance the discussion.

Though written in a conversational first-person style, GENIUS books are thorough and authoritative treatments of the subject. They are written by top experts in the subject who want to share with others what they’ve learned.

Just About Any Subject is a Fit for GENIUS Books

Authors may propose a GENIUS book on just about any subject that people want to learn. Some of the proposals under active consideration at this writing are:

Our Publishing Targets

Our goal is to put GENIUS books into the hands of millions of readers who are inspired to learn a subject. We want them to think, “I wonder if there is a GENIUS book on that?” and find, to their delight, that there is!

The first GENIUS book, Fundraising for the GENIUS, by Linda Lysakowski, was published in August, 2012. We intend to publish more than one-hundred GENIUS books by the end of 2015. Here are the titles currently in production:

  • Beer for the GENIUS, by Richard English
  • Beyond Recovery for the GENIUS, by Jill Raiguel
  • Budget Travel for the GENIUS, by Cynthia J. Drake
  • Casino Video Poker for the GENIUS, by Linda G. Nowell
  • Drug Abuse Prevention for the GENIUS, by Bill Gallagher
  • Financial Planning for Retirement for the Genius, by Marc S. Freedman
  • Going Green for the GENIUS, by Katie Belisle-Iffrig
  • Grantsmanship for the GENIUS, by Goodwin Deacon and Ken Ristine
  • Wholistic Dog Training for the GENIUS, by Healey Lockett
  • Mindful Healing for the GENIUS, by Chrys Brennan, Lynne Grace, and Lori Richardson
  • Modern Sewing for the GENIUS, by Ellen Lumpkin Brown
  • Parenting for the GENIUS, by Amy Alamar and Stephanie Rafanelli
  • Public Speaking for the GENIUS, by Anne Freedman
  • Serving on a Nonprofit Board, by Susan Schaefer and Robert Wittig
  • Success for Women in Business for the GENIUS, by Jaki Baskow and Marilyn Sherman
  • Volunteering for the GENIUS, by Helen Arnold
  • Wine for the GENIUS, by Yves de Boisredon
  • Yoga for the GENIUS, by Kelly DiNardo and Stacey Vaeth

To meet our ambitious publishing schedule while maintaining excellence in every book, at this writing we have a team of nearly fifty in-house and freelance editors, enabling us to put four editors on every manuscript: an acquisitions editor, a comprehensive editor, a copy editor, and a layout editor. We’re actively seeking subject matter experts on just about any topic that people want to learn, with a special emphasis on the topics listed in the sidebar to the right.