Who We Are

We Publish GENIUS Books.

Thomas Edison famously said that “Genius is 1 percent inspiration and 99 percent perspiration.” Despite our tongue-in-cheek use of the word “genius” in our titles, we don’t publish books for Einsteins—though even an Einstein will enjoy them. We publish GENIUS books for normal people inspired to learn a new subject and who are willing to put in the perspiration to do so.

Our fun video is a great way to get to know us!

Although fun to read, our books are thorough treatments of the subject written by carefully selected experts. They are peer-reviewed in the manuscript stage. With our team of fifty outstanding editors, we’re able to give each author the tender loving care of at least four editors to ensure that every book achieves excellence.

We’re an imprint of CharityChannel LLC, famous for our 100,000+ community of nonprofit professionals that has been active for over two decades. We’ve been publishing for over a decade, first with online professional articles (a couple of thousand of them), then with books through our other book-publishing imprint, CharityChannel Press. We’ve launched For the GENIUS Press specifically to publish GENIUS books.

We are proud of our nonprofit-sector roots, which gives us a view on things that is too often lacking in the publishing world. While our GENIUS books quite expectedly include philanthropic subjects (our first is Fundraising for the GENIUS, by Linda Lysakowski), every conceivable subject can and will be considered, so long as there is an appreciable audience that wants to learn it.